Aloe wollastonii Rendle (1908)

DESCRIPTION: stemless, solitary. Leaves 12-15, 40x8-10 cm, dull green with spots, pungent teeth 4-6 mm long, 10-20 mm apart. Inf. erect to 120 cm, 4-6 branches, flowers orange red or pinkish.
Synonymy: Aloe angiensis, A. bequaertii, A. lanuriensis, A. angiensis var. kitaliensis, Aloe lateritia var. kitaliensis
DISTRIBUTION: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzánie
CULTIVATION: easy to grow.

Aloe wollastonii Aloe wollastonii
Aloe wollastonii
Mt. Elgon, Uganda
Aloe wollastonii