Aloe is a quite commonly grown succulent plant. More than one thousand species of these succulents have been described so far but at present about 625 taxa are being acknowledged. Out of this number only about 40 species are grown by succulent plants lovers.

The aim of these websites is to inform the readers about the most common species of the aloes which can be seen in the Central and Western European collections of succulent plants. Comments related to planting and cultivation also bear upon experience from European collections. The plants are listed either according to their names (in alphabetical order) or the country the plant can be found in.The content of the websites is intended mainly as a source of information for fans and growers of the succulent flora.
In our gallery you can see examples of our mother plants or plants from origin. These are not for sale.

Occasionally we offer small seedlings and offset for sale.
List of available plants is here: "plants for sale".

All price are in EUR. For European customers bank transfer is the fastest safest method with low bank charges. Plants are sent after receipt of payment. The cost of shipping depends the number and quantity of plants ordered, but generally aloes seedlings are small plants and we can usually include them all in one small parcel. Shipping costs reflect the actual cost of shipping by postal service and varies according to the destination in EU. You can ask for more details.

You can also download book about ALOE (in czech language only) as *.pdf R. Starha - ALOE

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